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Welcome to Sugar Land NetworkAbout Sugar Land NetworkHow Sugar Land Network worksbusiness referral listadvertisefort bend community links - About Us, also known as "The Network", is a web based information portal which contains an extensive listing of Consumer referred 'Best in Class' Sugar Land merchants, contractors and service providers, along with Consumer reviews of each. The idea for came from two Sugar Land residents who at times had struggled trying to locate local Merchants to provide high quality products and services, at a reasonable price, to meet their needs...and thus came to the conclusion that community members would find value in being able to pool their personal lists of 'favorite' business Merchants, into a community wide list of "trusted referrals".

Residents of the Sugar Land area are encouraged to actively participate in the ongoing content development of through the submission of a) new Merchant "referrals", and b) existing Merchant "reviews". The Merchant reviews, where a site visitor can post a first hand experience review about a Network Merchant, is what really distinguishes the site from alternative sources of Merchant information...such as phone pages or newspaper/magazine advertisements. A 1-5 star system is used to rate each review. The review rating system provides a great incentive for Merchants to be attentive to the satisfaction of their customers. Reviews are posted for all to see thereby creating Merchant accountability in our community. No more 'buyer-beware'. gives power back to the Consumers...allowing each of us to become a better-informed shopper by leveraging the past experiences of our trusted friends and neighbors within The Network.

Every Merchant listed in The Network has been specifically referred by someone in our own Sugar Land community, as a person/company that does high quality work at a reasonable price. Key Point... no Merchant can buy their way on to The Network site! Merchants can only become listed and part of the Referral Network if a community user 'refers' the Merchant. It is therefore in our collective best interest to share our 'favorite' lists of trusted Merchants and to honestly provide real time feedback on Merchant performance via Merchant reviews.

Use of website is FREE OF CHARGE for all Consumers in the Fort Bend County / Sugar Land area. The referred Merchants listed on the site pay a nominal listing fee based upon the features of their listing.

About the USERS of our site (local Consumers):

Users (Consumers) agree to respect each Merchants time and expertise by being straightforward about their buying intentions. Users further agree to provide open and honest feedback regarding their personal experience with Merchants via the posting of personal first hand reviews to The Network website.

About the listed MERCHANTS on our site:

Merchants agree to provide the highest quality of products and services, at a reasonable price, to Consumers. Merchants further agree to be highly responsive to Consumer questions or concerns as expressed in the form of Consumer reviews posted to the website. Merchants will always strive to resolve any issues surrounding low rated reviews such that the Consumer will become satisfied and motivated to upgrade any low rated review to a high rated review.

A couple of final points about

  • OUR SITE IS “FREE” FOR CONSUMERS - We do not charge Users to access our website.
  • NO OBLIGATION - Users are not required to use any Merchant that is listed on but we highly encourage Users to consider doing so since they come highly referred by your trusted friends and neighbors right here in Fort Bend County / Sugar Land.
  • PRIVACY - In accordance to our Privacy Policy, we will not sell or disclose any contact information that you provide us to any third party company unless given your approval to do so.